google images: Hookers & Chuck E. Cheese


Doesn’t sound quite right, does it?

“hookers and chuck e. cheese” is a snippet of conversation overheard in the Jhole (that’s short for the dark hole of Jacksonville, Illinois) last night. as i was jotting it down in my notebook, i thought.. that has definite meme potential. guess what?

"We'll Make Our Own Reservation At Chuck E Cheese with Blackjack and Hookers" Cocaine Chuck E Cheese

i love memes. and they’re great for promotion. i keep seeing this “poetry warning” meme popping up on my friends’ facebook walls. Oh, the dangers of poetry. made by poet Russell Jones

Dangers of Poetry

when it comes to annoying things of the internet, I’ll take a meme over a hashtag any day. overheard also last night was my daughter’s friend on the phone trying to key in a gift card number. “Where’s the pound sign? What is a pound sign?!?” When I yelled “hashtag!” from the other room, she found it ‘oh yeah’ no problem. #helpamerika

which brings me back to poets.

funny poet facts

Poet Facts by Dr. Timothy Murrae’

You can find more helpful information about how to “Stop Breeding Poetry In Your Own Backyard!” here.

here’s a fun image I tossed together for that shindig about to happen

Blotterature Coming Out Party- Must be lesbian poets, Tim.

and, finally.. my favorite meme ever that definitely spiked the engagement on the facebook page we used it on. I also got unfriended, blocked, and even some hate mail on this one…

I Kill Everything I Fuck, I Fuck Everything I Kill Meme

If you ask me, the tech music this image was used for on a cover is more offensive than anything


3 thoughts on “google images: Hookers & Chuck E. Cheese

  1. Michele: I love reading your blog. Lot of tongue in cheek humor…which I love.
    One thing I personally like in a blog is a little brevity. Instead three points in one post. maybe have three different posts. Therefore if I have a comment I can comment on the one post and keep a “clean” thread going.
    Keep up the great work.

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