oh and i have blue hair now


wordpornyou ever have that moment? you’re sitting there at your computer, typing up your asian dominatrix wordporn because it’s the only way your friend can communicate and you just wonder… what are they in love with anyway?

i’d bet you a big ol gaggle of monkeys, they don’t even know. we are turned off on off on on, every which way and loose too. i see the empties walking around oblivious to their constant hard-ons. omg it’s a new bud light. holy fuck, look at this watercress hipster delight sauce.


i suppose it’s good to be well-rounded. it reminds me of when my kids were little, in Scouts. doing a bunch of dumb shit (occasionally fun shit) to earn badges or beads, whichever the case–it was often pointless and only for show. for the vest/sash to signify *how good you are?*

i call bullshit. fine for grade school but you’re all grown-ass n stuff. unless it’s a safety-pin to your bare chest badge (maybe a tattoo badge)…not good enough. love harder. and, you know…long time.

now you take swift kick to ass and go byebye
(end poem)


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