meeting a friend



that first night.

brought in from the rain,
from the dark..
down old highways
over the bridged river.
windows– none,
and county roads
slimmer than one and a half
rugged tires
and fresh bug juice,
a constant current not
the kind that crackles
the kind that maintains.
air thick with it
does not move without
your motion.
cutting through
quite specifically,
to a bowling alley bar.
you drunk
in from the chicago train,
already wearing your intended’s ring
fresh from a disappointing search
for another.
i suppose you figured
what the hell.
as did i.

Michele McDannold is the author of Stealing the Midnight from a Handful of Days, a book of poetry available from PUNK HOSTAGE PRESS. She was the Editor-in-Chief at Red Fez Publications for five years and is currently the editor/publisher at Citizens for Decent Literature. She has an extensive collection of flannel and rubber chicken heads. For more, please visit


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