point of departure


It was February 7th, 2015. No colder than any days before, remembered. Crisper, maybe. When there has been snow and retaining temperatures most often accompanied by grey days then you get a break like this morning sun before the warm reaches and melts a thing, one could look out over the flattened cornfields of illinois running into the horizon, the vanilla icing top layer thin that makes that noise when your shoe pops down to powder and still you might think you could work up a good slide and just whoosh off into forever…

This was the point of departure that would turn into 12 of the 15 states I traveled to in 2015 from February to May. For the miles, I’d have to check the record. Admittedly, it was the least anticipated, planned or organized journey. Just to say that my intention was to make it count.20150207_081940







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