midnight prayer


the truth is

you’re all a bunch of horrible animals

i come home tonight after many drinks
with friends of like mind
and still i am not consoled
and still i want to google
and use
“how to make a molotav cocktail”

maybe fear the people like me
with some semblance of how to use the language
to effect
but good luck to anyone counting on thaT–
i’m not.

if you haven’t a two for one special,
fuck off.

they will speak of admiration
and the oh so cute with your revolution
but listen here girlie
there is a better way…

thank you, i am quite practiced
at the grin that gets me through

of all the things i fake upon the universe
this is the worst

i will keep telling my children–yes,
you can. demand it.
i will keep telling the poets, yes–
the world needs you.
the world fucking needs you!
and secretly hate that i am lying.
secretly hate that there is nothing
literaly not a thing you can do about it
but rock on with your bad self.
rock on with your bad self.
FUCK! if absolution is what you seek,
let me pull out my big white power of knowing what it means
to be an American–the only true
and native son
of an empire set on eating its young.