the science of breaking up


taken down by you

removed from the planted feet
on shaken ground
but i was at steady
and there you are with your pinholes
irrational, sweet little desires
that they are
a worked-over poem can be good
but can it be honest
i wish i could speak of the stars
or a hummingbird, landing it fierce
and new on your ears, still
saying something…
the words would be of sinew, sinewy
and yet there is no meat
a connected emptiness, related
this dissipated space to the next
don’t you know you fall through such tangles?
don’t you know nothin’ at all

heyyMichele McDannold is the author of Stealing the Midnight from a Handful of Days, a book of poetry available from PUNK HOSTAGE PRESS. She was the Editor-in-Chief at Red Fez Publications for five years and is currently the editor/publisher at Citizens for Decent Literature. She has an extensive collection of flannel and rubber chicken heads. For more, please visit