lovesick writer’s block


this poem both explains and ends the dry spell. feels good

space time continuum for dummies

it took me five days
to realize why i was
so depressed
the anniversary
of the day we met
some years ago, now
different everything

i didn’t notice the date…
keep track of the day of week
by what everyone else
around me
is doing

soon there’ll be
a new anniversary
though i forget the date
the last time i saw you

we’d spent the night
in a white trash
played pool for most the hours
set a grill on fire
pretended to fish
i washed the dishes
and after
we just laid there
talking quietly
about the times
good, bad, and ugly
holding hands
like a couple of junior high kids
tick of clock

in the morning
we did not say goodbye

we had a fit
like no other

i guess
that’ll have to
be enough

heyyMichele McDannold is the author of the chapbook Point of Departure from COCKLEBUR PRESS and Stealing the Midnight from a Handful of Days, a book of poetry available from PUNK HOSTAGE PRESS. She was the Editor-in-Chief at Red Fez Publications for five years and is currently the editor/publisher at Citizens for Decent Literature. She has an extensive collection of flannel and rubber chicken heads. For more, please visit

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