Authenticity Rocks!


man, I argued with myself over this, endlessly. but, Michele– this time you might really piss someone off with consequences much worse than getting blasted on facebook. but… but… FUCKEM!

note to self: you really should stop preceding fuck, of any kind, with but. just saying.


so i started this blog because it was an assignment for a social media class i’m taking. this has been a good class.. i have learned many things and confirmed some thoughts about social networking that i already had. here’s the dilemma. like most new things i start, i jump right in and obsessively go nuts with it until i feel like i understand what’s going on. i did this with the blog, of course… not looking ahead to the other assignments like.. post a link to your 1st, 2nd, 3rd blog post so your classmates can comment on it.

YIKES! um, does it have to be those particular posts? i’m an over-achiever. gimme a break. those are not the particular posts I would choose to share in order to solicit comment from classmates. i already moved post #2 to post #3 when i encountered this yikes moment a few weeks ago and now i’m here again. it’s titled “Google Images: Hookers & Chuck E. Cheese.” see? what if it really offends one of the classmates, they complain to the professor, and he flunks me? that would suck balls. then i think of those times i was sure i was going to offend some people.. and nuthin. and those times i offended all kinds of people when it was the furthest thing from my mind or intention. >>>fuck. it. seriously

i have looked all over the assignment rubric and there is nothing that says “no hookers or blow or foul language.” so, there ya go. it’s a pretty decent blog post that employs some of the tactics taught in this class. winner winner chicken dinner.

i know it’s just a silly little blog post but apply to anything you feel good about but are hesitating with for some reason and.. isn’t it nice how the universe delivers when you’re looking for a reason to do something.. because you want to, because you need to be brave, because how difficult it is–doesn’t matter. just be real. be true to yourself, to your failing and learning, making it up as you go along like everyone else self.

maybe my walls aren’t rainbow-covered, but like the lady said… it doesn’t much matter. the phrase of the day is >>>>>Nothing to Lose<<<<<

is a poem     is a radio show     was an event (and hopefully will be again… soon!)

is something to save your sanity!

no, I have not lost everything. I have not lost the most important things. but, I gotta tell ya… most of it just doesn’t matter. “It” in most cases here covering all those external expectations. maybe it’s your neighbor or your mail man or that dick in the checkout lane at walmart. sometimes it’s even your friends and if you’re anything like me… it’s 75% of your family, 99.9% of the time. forget it, kids. living up to your own expectations is going to be hard enough. sometimes you just gotta pony up and say fuck this shit… what have I got to lose?


it’s funny how a vibrating needle in your back can bring things in to sharp focus.

oh, also… is in this song. let’s all sing along, now

and, looks like this in practice. <3

freedomhappy sunday, bitches!