love needs an explanation?



We pick up from the streets, words
and skin stretched
thin over
mother’s lips.
Dumpster love along the spillway, free;
sunshine through the way. She
dances to the jukebox,
a knife in back of cowboy lust
to celebrate the waitress.

Open sign askew a door
of rust and nails of regret
coffee dust.

from Stealing the Midnight from a Handful of Days

heyyMichele McDannold is the author of Stealing the Midnight from a Handful of Days, a book of poetry available from PUNK HOSTAGE PRESS. She was the Editor-in-Chief at Red Fez Publications for five years and is currently the editor/publisher at Citizens for Decent Literature. She has an extensive collection of flannel and rubber chicken heads. For more, please visit

Magical Jeep/Book Porn


Burr Ridge, Illinois 01/28/15






well, there ya go


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nothing to lose, right?

Nothing to Lose (or Freedom)

i need to be
that guy …
the next one in line
as the door closes,
the last one picked,
the “we just sold out”
of every kind of whatever
you’re looking for,
the flat tire,
the flat busted…
left for dead,
fucked over six ways
to Sunday,

that guy whose lover
stole a pigeon heart
and took a big dump
on his head.
fuckery, so insane
so very needless…

all reason, if there ever
was any–
is totally obliterated.

want to be that guy
“that kind of pissed that leads not to revenge
but to a reckoning”

people will shed a lone tear
and shake their head a lot
i will keep on gathering great poems
sharing the news about great poets
new ones
old ones
killer ones
fucky ones
we’ll call it
the “didn’t make it to twitter
because it had too much
character” book

i want to drive down the great river road
i want a reading
right now!
in bars
and bowling alleys
i want to read/scream
at bikers and rednecks
housewives and whores
i hope they throw stuff
and spit on me
chase me out to the car
“we don’t like your kind
’round here”
but they will secretly
worship me
and my freedom
and my hoard of poets
from the suburbs
the city
the farm
they’re multiplying like gremlins
one dash of sit and spin
and they’re out ruining christmas

i want them all
(not to make them famous)
to make them infamous
to spread their disease
of think
of cut out the bullshit
and get to the point
i want America
in her glazed over Red Bull eyes
to really
wake the fuck up
this is no time to let it ride
the great depression
is your brain on ice
your investment in image
the “i’m okay- you’re okay” is a dead hippie lie
the 1% is selling everything
is selling you, me..
McDonald’s and Twilight books
medication via
TV ads
the party is over
the beatniks are dead or dying
the outlaws are a joke
the wild west is tamed, my friends
rail against that which seeks to defeat you
every day
every hour
get in your car
don’t kill the first thing that gets in your way
kill em all
kill em all
kill em all,
they call us the X generation
with nothing to lose
but our Nirvana CDs
and Fight Club on DVD
didn’t you get the memo?
the they have
co-opted your identity for mass marketing
you can now buy
the special edition director’s cut t-shirt snuggie toothpick rim job
with decal

get the fuck
out of your house
and stick a fist up their ass for doing this
don’t buy the hype
use it against them
like those goddamn
nothing to lose
asshole poets
that you love

–Michele McDannold
from Stealing the Midnight from a Handful of Days
Punk Hostage Press

Stealing the Midnight from a Handful of Days by Michele McDannold from Punk Hostage Press

baby jesus like a ninja



Dear Baby Jesus

Thank you for the best childhood ever
for the nicely manicured lawns
dutifully tended to every Sunday
after church
for the sun tea baking on the porch
and the strawberries in the patch
Thank you, baby jesus
for the community free of minorities
and forward thinking
for the streets free of gang violence
for the jehovah’s witness even
and the evangelists
thank you for putting the shame on
all those unwed and/or single mothers,
those people with the weak-minded mental illnesses
and the ghastly homosexuals
in general, just thank you so much
for putting a clamp down
on all the SEX stuff
I didn’t know what my period was
until I got it one day in gym
that kinda sucked
but thank you
and maybe while you were hiding
all the dildos and other adult fun
you could have taught the old people
not to stick their fingers and whatnot
in the young people
that would have been nice
but oh well
maybe that’s why Billy Bob’s uncle
is also his dad
I never met anyone conceived from incest before
thank you, baby jesus

I know. I know
some people want to give all the credit to Satan
the Devil
he’s busy with wars
and shit
he wants the glory of all those big fatality numbers
you.. you are oh so patient
killing them softly and gently
with shitty lives
contrived of stifling rules…
call it morality!
Shame, shame
the bent and twisted
call it love
I want you to have all the credit
saving us all from the fires of Hell

I can pray to you for forgiveness
I can pray to you for the Friday night football game
we can all join hands and pray pray pray
then sing the star spangled banner
oh, thank you, baby jesus
for making me an American
thank you for making us better
than every other nation in the world
so what if we drop in rankings
in education
economic freedom
global competitiveness
and innovation
we are responsible for FACEBOOK
Honey Boo Boo
and taco shells made out of Doritos!
this is all thanks to you, baby jesus

I have more rights to my guns
than my own body!!
sweet baby jesus
thank you for
Women that know their place
in dresses
in kitchens
in the delivery room
children, children, children
let’s have more babies, baby jesus!
Every last one of them precious
until they learn to breathe
in the polluted
but free as all fuck
liberty-laced air

–Michele McDannold

Previously published at Ppigpenn.
from the upcoming release from Punk Hostage Press, August 2014
Stealing the Midnight from a Handful of Days

oh, and.. thank you sweet baby jesus for ANOTHER DAMN FACEBOOK PAGE. sincerely needed that. <3 <3


available in facebook flavor now, too.         whoop whoop!

So much poetry…


hey. hey lady..


there is no need for the tractor of cheese. feed that child some good poetry. #getconstipated

So much poetry..classic poetry, academic poetry, award winning poetry, small press poetry…is pure shit. I read it and dismiss it and it leaves my brain, thankfully. Michele McDannold’s poetry is not shit. It does not leave my brain, thankfully. I am constipated with Michele McDannold’s lines and I am very glad. Here’s to the ones who are not cool, who don’t try to be cool, who just write their fucking truth line by fucking line in syllables that sing to the sky. –Misti Rainwater-Lites

Thank you, Misti. Ebullience, always.

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and, fucking enjoy the age of google. damn.

from Stealing the Midnight from a Handful of Days. Punk Hostage Press. be out in August, yo. truth…

So white trash

i’m doing my best to ignore the kids
but they’re not cooperating
there is no peace
no quiet
there are only moments of reprieve
when I can sink into the word
fall into a radiohead song
or two
or three
four, five
on loop

i’m a nervous mess
and need more and more
to fill this new void

you are out of reach
so I have
Jack Daniel’s, cigarettes
coffee, weed
writing, writing
the love letters
will remain
the confessions
will stay locked up
hiding in the bathroom
sucking down a one-hitter

–Michele McDannold

Not Recommended


Not Recommended

this poetry is not recommended
for the young or bright-eyed
not recommended
for those weak in the stomach
or head
i might use the words
or retarded
and will definitely use the word
this poetry is not recommended
for the high-brow
punk bitches
who would turn a phrase
just to make you feel stupid
poetry is not recommended (period)
if you want to bury your head in the sand
and pretend the world is dying under corruption

we have a voice

this poetry is not recommended
for twitter or myface
you cannot like it
or share it in less than 140 characters
this poetry is not recommended
for NBC
definitely not the Disney channel
we’ve got balls in our face
and dirt in our shoes
hot shit
red blood
cum stains on the inside pocket
there’s a line in the sand that says go fuck yourself
anyone can do this
with enough guts and blaze
to set your ass on fire

–Michele McDannold

Previously published in Modus Operandi Zine
from the upcoming release from Punk Hostage Press, August 2014
Stealing the Midnight from a Handful of Days


“Stealing the Midnight from a Handful of Days is the kind of perfect art that should be read aloud over a Walmart PA system as it begins to burn down.” Bud Smith, author of Tollbooth

til the punk gets it


yesterday was pretty fuckin awesome, not just for a monday but for days in general. been trying to plan a trip to louisville next week for Gonzofest ( and finally got the reservations done and paid for. 2nd-6th, babies. the poptarts are already packed. i bought a dress, for fuck’s sake. heels even.

as if that wasn’t enough awesomeness… finalized some details with my publisher. yes, MY publisher. those two words have been rolling around in my head non-stop for the last 24 hours. my publisher. my publisher! fuck!! my publisher? good god, my publisher. look, fuck off with your eye-rolling. i live with too much self-doubt to even bother ever worrying about getting full of myself. sheeeit. still, fuckin A, bitches! PUNK HOSTAGE PRESS.

i am the happiest.. there is no more amount of pride i am capable of and at the same time EXTREMELY humbled to be a part of the punk hostage family.

so, yep. i’d say i had a stellar fuckin Monday and the best damn nap to top it off. i mean, seriously. like sweet baby jesus blessed it himself.

Stealing the Midnight from a Handful of Days by Michele McDannold coming soon to Punk Hostage Press

i don’t know what you’re doing with your dreams but my vote is for living them.


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