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lost is often preferred, i have to admit. the road that’s barely a road. discovery. whatever fuel is spent is doubled, tripled, hell–i don’t even know. it sustains me. #themagicaljeep


like a fish to water


thanks for finishing it for me

the filthiness comes so very
inside his mind
and manifest via text
she is the only thing
that’s bad about me
we’re so good at delusions
and the long game
think of all the things
between here
and there
before we get caught
in something real

–Michele McDannold 9/26/14

in search of



there’s often this problem when ordering books from overseas.. they show up pretty much mangled. not the case with CUBA (in search of Hemingway) by Joseph Ridgwell from Pig Ear Press.

This LITTLE book was packaged well and with care.

i looooove little books and i know from experience that they are not the easiest things to work with especially when you’re hand-fucking-sewing them. yes, this book is THAT kind of book. i don’t know how many of these were made but if there are any left, you should snag one.

the cover is embossed.. beautiful on nice textured deep brown looks like a cigar paper with goldish but not annoying lettering. inside is this paper that i don’t even know what but marvelous and it’s all clean straight cuts, perfect fits. i am so jealous. the print is beautiful and get this.. the story is fucking good too.

i have been a fan of Ridgwell’s story-telling and poetry story-telling going back to Red Fezian days. particularly “Ode to Francis Farmer” (https://www.redfez.net/poetry/1001) i’m thinking it was possibly Myspace that clued me in, imagine that. anyway, there were some kickass stories reprinted in Side of Grits which you can still check out in the archives… http://theliteraryunderground.org/rmp/grits/1/lunch_special.html

also, here’s a little clip of Ridgwell reading from CUBA