i hereby resolve to get lost with much purpose #thisispoetry


finishing up the new year’s day meandering.. first three shots are back down the road from the cemetery from the previous post. then there’s my shoes wherever they are.. the final four pics along a country road somewhere in McDonough County, Illinois. Nothing like getting some miles down, first thing in the year

20150101_144028 20150101_144039 20150101_144055

20150101_144119ok, so actually i was in the middle of spray-painting #thisispoetry on the railing when the only other person to go down this road today, went down this road.. go figure.


i heart cemeteries


This is off Illinois Route 96, also called the GREAT RIVER ROAD, following along the Mississippi River. Tull Cemetery is between Pontoosuc and Niota, Illinois. I followed one of those highway signs denoting a historic cemetery, kept seeing a lot of those, wondering what makes any cemetery “historic” or not and it was a good, chill day so I thought I would meander around to check it out.

down the country road a bit where I found the tossed xmas decorations then branching off to another less of a road, seeming more a driveway- that did lead straight to a house, barn and other buildings..branching off again right before it to an even lesser road by now just a set of tire tracks and through an open gate to this opening in the surrounding woods..

I still don’t know the answer to the historic question but it is a well-kept, peaceful place, properly feeling rooted in another time.


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if you have a fear of bridges


..probably just don’t look at any of them in Illinois. Iowa too apparently. They are either under construction or should be. This is the Ft. Madison Toll Bridge also known as the Santa Fe Swing Span Bridge for the old Santa Fe rail line.. 20150101_141718 20150101_141822 20150101_141840 20150101_141911

and so it begins

first pic of 2015, NYE with friends in Burlington, Iowa

first pic of 2015, NYE with friends in a dive bar called Joe’s in Burlington, Iowa

are you supposed to be here?

are you supposed to be here?


back roads are better