new use for the coin jar?


Father-Guido-Sarducci LIFE IS A JOB

thank you, Father Guido. 35cents, good to know. just a guess (and I’m not judging) but I think I know a few people that must have a pretty big coin jar. not me, of course. I don’t even know what Father Guido is talking about. my ‘big bad’ lately is not updating this blog. Sinful, I know. but, here’s why…

Rule #1 No Stabbing No Killing (and can't say it)Please, dear universe–send the teens back to school. This latest rule seemed both worthy of rule #1 status and necessary to my very survival. and the teens survival. It’s adoption has led to many “conversations” involving I’M GOING TO (stutter stutter stutter) kick you in the face (or similar), whatever, get away from me.

If I hear WOW! Can you not? one. more. freaking time. #digme?

can you tell i'm not listening (meme)on another note..

i heart BookTv for its nap-inducing qualities. Every now and then, though, there’s some interesting stuff on there. this one, about the Self-Publishing Expo …might cause yawning for the presentation, but there is a lot of good information in here or i’m just a big nerd, whatever.

along those lines, there is a new article on Writer’s by James H. Duncan, founding editor of Hobo Camp Review, called “When Authors Become Publishers: Creating A DIY Literary Anthology”. He talks with poet/author/editor/publisher/radio show host/all-around-cool guy Bud Smith about his work with Uno Kudo, Kleft Jaw, Unknown Press, and others.

One of the questions I am asked over and over again is how do you handle rejecting work submitted from friends or people you know. not very well– would be my first answer. I have changed my stance on this several times over the years, and, finally- came to the realization that it doesn’t matter how you handle it. You could be golden, ingenious with your response… someone will get pissy over it. Such is life.

You just gotta suck it up like Mr. Bill here…and roll with the punches the best you can

one last thing, if you can stop masturbating for just a second. (seriously, i’m not judging)

check out this great tumblr blog by William Seward Bonnie. He’s been running this blog and posting poetry on a regular basis for some time. good stuff, cool guy. i mean, he wears a lion coat for fuck’s sake.

if you dig it, gather a few of those coins you’re saving from not spending ALL of your online time with internet porn, and maybe donate a little bit to keep the Cheeseburger Nebula going.



Does anyone understand Tumblr?


Bud Smith Barbies Books

Why is there a pile of naked barbies with these Bud Smith books on the kitchen table?
I really have no explanation for this.

random page from Everything Neon (beautiful cover, right?)


When we were little
our mutual dream
was to slam dunk
so hard
we’d shatter
the glass backboard
That was it
Our whole dream
and now
here we are

(c)Bud Smith

also trying to understand tumblr. I am, maybe, too old. ?? but, I am trying because of this

This is Poetry

top secret stuff happening there. ssshhhhh
it seems the tags are very important.

The 10 most popular tags on Tumblr (June 2012)






i also came across this which has a nice cheat sheet for facebook photo sizes.. Facebook Photos Size Guide: Dimensions & Types (2014 Edition) which is also the reason my computer is about full up of the same image resized a bazillion times just to post crap on facebook. different for all the other social media whatnots too… if you don’t want to end up with an oddly reshaped or cropped photo… i mean, just look at what happened to this photo of Dr. Timothy Murrae (of the BLot Lit gang)from a recent book signing…


finally, all of this… I don’t really know what’s going on most of the time, but sometimes it works anyway.

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