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February 8, 2015
photo op for bad-assery in the badlands? sure why not20150208_085250










Magical Jeep/Book Porn


Burr Ridge, Illinois 01/28/15






Underground report: Oakland at The Terrace Room


thoroughly enjoyed Wednesday night’s reading at The Terrace Room. props to the host of the evening– Paul Corman-Roberts. excellent mix of brought their own damn version of kick-ass to the mic, every single one of them. July Westhale, Arisa White, Neeli Cherkovski, A. Razor, and Alexandra Naughton.

this reading was !!FREE!! and open to the public.

so this is a restraurant/bar with a nice view of the lake, on the ground floor of a better-to-do retirement joint. word is the mac n cheese was meh and personally thought the drinks were a bit light on the liquor content though pleasant enough service. a little addition from a flask would solve this problem. nice seating though a little dimly lit, the readers were aided by fake votive candles and had the use of a nice mic and podium. seating was decent and the restrooms were extra damn nice.

shout out to MK Chavez, for letting me know about this event, driving me to it, her precise parking skills and informative and interesting sidenotes about local whatnots along the drive.

this was taken right outside the venue, prior to the reading. smoking like a fiend of course but enjoying the view, getting to meet fellow Punk Hostage press author Joel Landmine (Yeah, Well by Joel Landmine), watching some documentary thing be filmed, I don’t know, ask Alexandra Naughton20150429_193811


so, i took pictures of all the readers and the host but they’re all blurry and mostly unflattering or whatnot and who needs to be yelled at for some more of that shit? not me, yo. i’m still going to post this one of Alexandra because despite weird lighting camera problems, i think it captures the moment, the rockstar and also not to burst your bubble all five people that will read this but I think she’s probably too nice to beat me up over it.


this was outside, after. sitting on the steps to smoke and escape as much social anxiety enducing stuff as possible.

20150429_212047 this was the lighter i used, umm creatively borrowed from Blotterature’s Michelle L. Quinn at the last Blot Lit gig I was able to make it to. I gave it away to a man on the street yesterday. He was suffering, he said. blocking traffic with his wheelchair a confused state. What he really wanted and was quite honest about right off the bat was for me to help him by going to buy him some wine. He would take a smoke though and did indeed need a light. dropped a Kind bar off to him on the way back through which he seemed to really be thankful for. He also seemed to really want to keep the lighter — but that’s cool with me I’ve got about a bazillion. anyway, last known picture of this served me well lighter..20150429_212928 weird blurry selfie that reminds me that i need to buy conditioner20150429_213322 where we stopped after because gin that puts a forrest in your mouth and slumber party exorcisms are rad and sometimes necessary20150429_234143 on the way home, another sign. there’s been an abundance as of late and i’m thankful dear universe. 20150429_234651i was particularly happy to be introduced to the writing of Arisa White ( during this reading. i believe most of if not all of what she read was from her latest full-length collection A Penny Saved. highly recommend this. what i heard of it was heavy, accessible and brilliant.

from Willow Books (
In her second full-length collection, A Penny Saved, Arisa White’s elegantly harrowing poems investigate the idea of the “captive” within spousal abuse. Often utilizing the voice of the “good wife” Penny, these poems bring to the fore the effects of mental abuse in juxtaposition to a patriarchal world that tries to swallow the voice of Penny. White’s poems drift from stream of consciousness—to afterthought—to dialogue in a way that exhibits her flexible and intimate relationship with language. With this dexterity, Penny’s voice is realized.

i was also quite happy to see Punk Hostage Press co-founder A. Razor at the mic again. my own personal opinion from the handful of readings i’ve seen him do, my favorite..just off the roadtrip from hell and a hospital visit case of the flu pukes, he brought it still. it just doesn’t compare to seeing it live which you must– but here, one that’s stood the test of at least nearing on 3 decades and still rings true and necessary. never forget words matter. from Drawn Blood, a steal at $9.95 (

more links

July Westhale

Alexandra Naughton

Neeli Cherkovski at R.L. Crow Publications

love from the road,
viva la Underground

Michele McDannold is the author of Stealing the Midnight from a Handful of Days, a book of poetry available from PUNK HOSTAGE PRESS. She was the Editor-in-Chief at Red Fez Publications for five years and is currently the editor/publisher at Citizens for Decent Literature. She has an extensive collection of flannel and rubber chicken heads. For more, please visit

So much poetry…


hey. hey lady..


there is no need for the tractor of cheese. feed that child some good poetry. #getconstipated

So much poetry..classic poetry, academic poetry, award winning poetry, small press poetry…is pure shit. I read it and dismiss it and it leaves my brain, thankfully. Michele McDannold’s poetry is not shit. It does not leave my brain, thankfully. I am constipated with Michele McDannold’s lines and I am very glad. Here’s to the ones who are not cool, who don’t try to be cool, who just write their fucking truth line by fucking line in syllables that sing to the sky. –Misti Rainwater-Lites

Thank you, Misti. Ebullience, always.

get more mistivelvet here


and, fucking enjoy the age of google. damn.

from Stealing the Midnight from a Handful of Days. Punk Hostage Press. be out in August, yo. truth…

So white trash

i’m doing my best to ignore the kids
but they’re not cooperating
there is no peace
no quiet
there are only moments of reprieve
when I can sink into the word
fall into a radiohead song
or two
or three
four, five
on loop

i’m a nervous mess
and need more and more
to fill this new void

you are out of reach
so I have
Jack Daniel’s, cigarettes
coffee, weed
writing, writing
the love letters
will remain
the confessions
will stay locked up
hiding in the bathroom
sucking down a one-hitter

–Michele McDannold

Nothing’s For Free



More Jack Grisham

The universe has been fairly consistent with its message lately. Pay this way or that, you’re going to pay. I’d rather get out of my comfort zone and work the hustle in support of something I believe in. I realized several years ago the chances that I was going to buck up and grind for the man were slim to none. so it’s all in or nothing…make it count time.. I’m not sure why people hate on this, especially other artists, writers, creative-types who wouldn’t have a venue to stand in or a publication to brag about if it wasn’t for people who are committed to seeing it happen regardless of bullshit, with any means necessary. Our society is not exactly falling all over itself to support the arts. You really do have to ‘be about it’ 100billion percent. It might seem crazy– but to me, it is the healthiest goddamn choice I have ever made.

Decide how you want to live and then see what you can do to make a living WITHIN that way of life.

–Hunter S. Thompson

more… Hunter S. Thompson On Finding Your Purpose In Life

it doesn’t take much to encourage the artist that is going to do what they do regardless. i love knowing those kinds of people and like to show my support how and when i can. so i threw 20 bucks at this worthy cause. BE ABOUT IT / BOOK TOUR


Be About It is a non-profit publishing house focusing on undiscovered and undercovered talent. We make zines and small-run chapbooks and we just started digital publishing with our new tumblr page! Be About It is something we do because we love it. We’re about it. But we also have bills to pay and that creates challenges because we would really prefer to just give everything away for free. Seriously. Because screw capitalism. Everything we make we either give away for free or sell for very cheap, just enough to pay for materials and contributor copies. But only barely. But yeah, we pay for everything out of our pockets: paper, ink, time, plane tickets so we can visit you in your city and do a reading party, bus tickets because you live closer. Why can’t everything be free. Be About It zine has a new issue out (our 8th issue, “Ri¢h”), we’re putting out our first paper chapbook (‘I’ve been on tumblr,’ by Jesse Prado), and we’re going on tour this summer to promote these things as well as Alexandra debut poetry collection, published by the non-profit house Punk Hostage Press. We are funding this tour ourselves, but we could use your help. Please consider donating and supporting the small press.

20bucks, i mean come on, it’s not going to kill me, maybe i’ll smoke a little less which is definitely killing me, also i like the smell of ink on paper. sharpies are pretty rad too.

looooove to all the punk hostages and hustlers of the world <3

Not Recommended


Not Recommended

this poetry is not recommended
for the young or bright-eyed
not recommended
for those weak in the stomach
or head
i might use the words
or retarded
and will definitely use the word
this poetry is not recommended
for the high-brow
punk bitches
who would turn a phrase
just to make you feel stupid
poetry is not recommended (period)
if you want to bury your head in the sand
and pretend the world is dying under corruption

we have a voice

this poetry is not recommended
for twitter or myface
you cannot like it
or share it in less than 140 characters
this poetry is not recommended
for NBC
definitely not the Disney channel
we’ve got balls in our face
and dirt in our shoes
hot shit
red blood
cum stains on the inside pocket
there’s a line in the sand that says go fuck yourself
anyone can do this
with enough guts and blaze
to set your ass on fire

–Michele McDannold

Previously published in Modus Operandi Zine
from the upcoming release from Punk Hostage Press, August 2014
Stealing the Midnight from a Handful of Days


“Stealing the Midnight from a Handful of Days is the kind of perfect art that should be read aloud over a Walmart PA system as it begins to burn down.” Bud Smith, author of Tollbooth



wow. you know, i always hated blurbs. i have to wonder what the point is… who–if anyone–it convinces of, what? anything??

did you know that publishing houses, when requesting book blurbs, will send their own write-up for the person to “okay it” and write off as their own words? hmm. i did not know that until recently. it’s making more sense now why i have failed at fully embracing this practice in book marketing.

luckily, i have only been asked to write blurbs a few times by authors/poets clearly confused. it gives me a good chuckle to know that the publisher has always known best and said — oh, just use that one on the web. here’s one that i can honestly stand by though…

April Michelle Bratten’s poetry does not pretend. It does not put on airs; it is exquisite. Her relationship to the word is careful and creative but she leaves room for the reader to interpret, to draw their own conclusions, to have a moment to themselves inside the thoughts of another. It is so rare to find this in a poet—willing to stand aside from any platform and simply bear witness.

– Michele McDannold, founding editor and publisher at Citizens for Decent Literature

It Broke Anyway by April Michelle Bratten (NeoPoiesis Press)

I really started to fall in love with April’s poetry several years ago. This poem from Red Fez, “Legs,” ( was one of my favorites from my feztime. and as with all things good, it eventually led to more goodness when April sent some kickass poems to me at Citizens and we ended up with this fun little book.

"Drink This" little book by April Michelle Bratten (Citizens for Decent Literature Press) photo by Wanda Morrow Clevenger

“Drink This” little book by April Michelle Bratten (Citizens for Decent Literature Press) photo by Wanda Morrow Clevenger

anywho. the best explanation/thoughts about blurbs i have ever heard came from BUD SMITH. supersmart and funny guy. he probably wrote an article about it or will if you ask him, so hit him up

he was also very kind when i sent him this as the LU’s “book blurb” for EVERYTHING NEON

The Literary Underground cannot officially endorse the use of book blurbs, hyperbole, and most especially not cheese plates at poetry readings. We are pleased to support and promote the use of the internet search engine of your choice for finding and reading any and all Bud Smith writes/writing/poetry/flash/shorts/novels.. twitters, even. It’s all good. If that doesn’t convince you to buy his latest book of poetry “Everything Neon”, then I don’t know what to say for you. You’re going to DIE! QUICK! GOOGLE!! NOW!!!

another one i can stand by. seriously, what are you waiting for?
you can even get it on Kindle, if you’re into that sort of thing.

anyway, my point is… the “underground” does everything better! not hyperbole at all!! it’s TRUE!!! #truefuckingstory

i am embracing this process because why the fuck not. these guys rock…

here’s a couple of blurbishes that recently came in for my upcoming book Stealing the Midnight from a Handful of Days from PUNK HOSTAGE PRESS

Photograph by Jinn; Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5.

Photograph by Jinn; Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5.





good monday morning Michele!! enjoyed your new book immensely thoroughly!! here’s back cover punk poem blurb!! thanks for asking!! 


talk to me

as i lay me down to sleep i pray the lord
my soul to keep if i die before i wake i pray
the lord my soul to take my soul to take my soul

talk to me whisper in my ears words i can’t possibly understand
sing all night as we speed from springfield to las vegas do your
patti smith poet punk fuck you scream in dutch to telephone
poles mowing them down with electric guitar never more than
four chords as we plummet south talk to me whisper in
my ears words i can’t possibly understand sing all night
as we speed from las vegas to hollywood do your michele mcdannold
stealing the midnight from a handful of days punk hostage press 
fuck you scream in arabic to telephone poles 
mowing them down with electric guitar never more
than four chords as we plummet south talk to me talk to me
whisper in my ears talk to me whisper whisper whisper 

–ron whitehead, outlaw poet GONZO master
copyright (c) 2014 ron whitehead



Catfish McDaris

Michy McDannold is a great writer from the Land of Lincoln. Her words are poignant, sad, happy, insightful, and full of emotion. Most important they make you think and they stick with you like biscuits and gravy. When I read her poems I feel her love and I’m glad I had the pleasure of meeting and reading with her in person. Michele’s energy is what drives the small press and keeps it alive and vibrant. I recommend you buy her book, all you cheapskate motherfuckers.” –Catfish McDaris


that last line, yo. got a good kick out of that. you’ll have your chance, if you make it to the THIS IS POETRY event where my book is being released as well as the first volume of TIP as well as a kickass band as well as drag queen karaoake as well as…


**TOP SECRET SECRET** the lineup is starting to take shape: RON WHITEHEAD & RYDER COLLINS !!!!!! can i get a whoop whoop?!?

see you there!



til the punk gets it


yesterday was pretty fuckin awesome, not just for a monday but for days in general. been trying to plan a trip to louisville next week for Gonzofest ( and finally got the reservations done and paid for. 2nd-6th, babies. the poptarts are already packed. i bought a dress, for fuck’s sake. heels even.

as if that wasn’t enough awesomeness… finalized some details with my publisher. yes, MY publisher. those two words have been rolling around in my head non-stop for the last 24 hours. my publisher. my publisher! fuck!! my publisher? good god, my publisher. look, fuck off with your eye-rolling. i live with too much self-doubt to even bother ever worrying about getting full of myself. sheeeit. still, fuckin A, bitches! PUNK HOSTAGE PRESS.

i am the happiest.. there is no more amount of pride i am capable of and at the same time EXTREMELY humbled to be a part of the punk hostage family.

so, yep. i’d say i had a stellar fuckin Monday and the best damn nap to top it off. i mean, seriously. like sweet baby jesus blessed it himself.

Stealing the Midnight from a Handful of Days by Michele McDannold coming soon to Punk Hostage Press

i don’t know what you’re doing with your dreams but my vote is for living them.


The Daughters of Bastards by Iris Berry

Better Than A Gun In A Knife Fight by A. Razor

Untamed by Jack Grisham

I Will Always Be Your Whore by Alexandra Naughton

8th & Agony by Rich Ferguson

Showgirl Confidential by Pleasant Gehman

and more and more and more

SB Stokes, Dennis Cruz, Frank Reardon, Joel LandmineCarolyn Srygley-Moore, S.A. Griffin, Yvonne de la Vega, C.V. Auchterlonie, Danny Baker

and soon soon soon

Sonny Giordano, Diana Rose, Annette Cruz, Vicky Hamilton, Nadia Bruce Rawlings, Lee Quarnstrom, Kimberly Kim, Nadia Bruce Rawlings, Richard Modiano, Puma Perl, Hollie Hardy, Carlye Archibeque, James Trompeano III, Kate Menzies, Michael Marcus, Vicky Hamilton